Arlington, Massachusetts

Arlington, Massachusetts, the 'Birthplace of 'Uncle Sam' was originally settled in 1635 as a village under the name Menotomy. In 1807, the Town and a section of what is now Belmont were set off from Cambridge and incorporated as West Cambridge. In 1867, the name was changed to Arlington in honor of the heroes buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.  Arlington is six miles northwest of Boston, in latitude 42 degrees 25 minutes north, longitude 71 degrees 09 minutes west. The town is bordered on the north by Winchester, on the east by Medford and Somerville, on the south by Cambridge and Belmont and on the west by Lexington. 

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Public Schools

Brackett Elementary School

Hardy Elementary School

Stratton Elementary School

Bishop Elementary School

Dallin Elementary School

Pierce Elementary School

Thompson Elementary School

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