Top mistakes made by home buyers

Take a step back...don't complicate the purchase of your new home.  Think realistically and use the following mistakes below as case studies before you purchase your new home.  Listed below are some common mistakes and how to avoid them.

"This house is PERFECT for us!"  Umm, tip number one...never say this.   Don't divulge your love for a particular house or how high you are willing to go for it. A buyer agent can prevent this from occurring.
Overpaying. To determine what a house is worth, ask for a list of comparable homes sold. This will contain information on similar homes in your area and what they sold for. Make sure they are recent. The national home price index can also be useful.
Never speak directly with a seller or a seller's agent. Your agent (buyer's agent) will confer and counsel with the seller's agent to assure your interests are covered.
Not hiring an inspector. You have the option of making any offer contingent on a home inspection. Make sure you accompany the inspector on his tour.
Omitting a contingency for mortgage approval. This allows you to void the contract if you cannot find acceptable financing. The terms you desire should be expressly spelled out.
Not completing a final walkthrough to visually inspect the property directly before closing.
Not buying owners insurance. The insurance lenders require you to purchase only covers their interests. A separate policy that protects you may be purchased, at a reduced rate, at closing.
Letting a seller stay in the house after closing, or a buyer move into the house before closing. If you do, one of a host of problems can develop including the fact that the sellers then become a tenant, with all tenant rights.
Not itemizing what conveys. Completing a list of all items, including personal, which will be included in the transaction, is simply prudent.
Not selecting a timed deadline on your offer. Without this, the opposing party can shop for a better deal, without worrying about losing you.